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Page updated: 03 May 2012

The Physical Activity Taskforce has ceased operation and this website is no longer updated.

Updated: 03 May 2012

The Taskforce Terms of Reference

Taskforce Terms of Reference

The Physical Activity Taskforce Terms of Reference guided the functions and activities of the Taskforce.

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The entity shall be known as The Western Australian Physical Activity Taskforce, hereafter referred to as “the Taskforce” 


Provide a policy coordination and accountability role through strategic leadership and direction across government and the community in relation to physical activity.


Improve the health and wellbeing of the Western Australian community through the support, facilitation and promotion of physical activity.


  • Provide strategic direction and input to the development of policy to influence a coordinated statewide physical activity strategy;
  • Discuss review and provide a coordinated response to the broader strategic policies of government, both at a state and federal level, that have an impact on physical activity;
  • Harness the collective expertise, resources and service provision capability across government and the community sector to develop, implement and monitor a statewide physical activity strategy;
  • Conduct and collate adult and child related research on physical activity participation rates, interventions and environments and monitor and assess the outcomes of the Taskforce.


 The membership of the Taskforce is defined as follows: 

Ministerial Representation

The Minister for Sport and Recreation has the delegated responsibility to oversee the Taskforce on behalf of the State Government. 

State Government Members

State Government members are representatives from those State government agencies and statutory authorities whose core business has a direct influence on physical activity outcomes for the state of Western Australia. These agencies are as follows:

  • Department of Health
  • Department of Sport and Recreation
  • Department of Transport
  • Department of Planning
  • Department of Education
  • Healthway

The Director General of each of the state member organisations is, in the first instance, the representative on the Taskforce. Where the Director General is unable to fulfil this role, either in full or part, executive level representation with appropriate decision making authority is requested.

The Department of Premier and Cabinet, while not a member, endorses the Taskforce and is committed to providing a financial contribution for the life of the Taskforce.

Membership of the Taskforce through this Memorandum will be reviewed every two years or at the discretion of the Chair where a specific need arises.

Local Government Members 

 Local Government members are those peak bodies with a specific interest in and understanding of local government policy and operations, especially as they impact on physical activity outcomes at community level.

Local Government membership will be reviewed every two years or at the discretion of the Chair where a specific need arises.

The Local Government membership is confirmed by way of a letter of invitation from the Chair of the Taskforce.

Associate Members 

 Associate members are those with specific interests across non government and academia communities as well as the official advisory committees from within the Taskforce structure.

Associate members are non representative and contribute on the basis of significant experience and expertise in areas relating to physical activity.

Associate members will sit on the Taskforce for a period of two years. At the end of this term associate membership will reviewed by the Chair of the Taskforce who will have the discretion to rotate this representation, as required.

Associate membership is confirmed by way of a letter of invitation from the Chair of the Taskforce.


Meeting Frequency

The Taskforce will meet at least on a quarterly cycle.


State Government members are required to have representation at all meetings. Where the Director General is unable to attend, executive level representation is requested.

The Local Government representative, if unable to attend a meeting, should send an executive level proxy.

As they are non representative, associate members are not required to send a proxy to Taskforce meetings if they are unable to attend.

Decision Making

All members will provide input into all discussions and debates relating to the business of the Taskforce.

Any decisions or endorsement required of the Taskforce are to be voted on by the state government members and endorsed by the Chair.

Meeting Agendas 

 Agenda items will be submitted to the Taskforce Project Manager at least 14 working days before the meeting

The agenda and meeting papers will be circulated to Taskforce members 10 days in advance of the meeting.

Exceptional items will only be accepted at the meeting with the agreement of the Chair.

Positions and Office Roles

The Taskforce will include the position of a Chair and Deputy Chair. The position of Chair will be undertaken by the Minister for Sport and Recreation. The Deputy Chair of the Taskforce will be one of the core member agency nominees, determined in consultation with the Minister for Sport and Recreation.   



 The following groups have been formed within the structure of the Taskforce:

  • Evaluation and Monitoring Advisory Committee
  • Communications Advisory Committees
  • Walk WA Strategic Implementation Group

Each of these committees has a specific Terms of Reference. However, the overall roles are as follows:

  • Provide specific expertise and advice to the Taskforce;
  • Act on requests from the Taskforce in relation to specific policies and initiatives relative to the groups’ areas of expertise;
  • Act as advocates for the work of the Taskforce; and,
  • Assist the Taskforce in the coordination of physical activity policy and initiatives.

The Taskforce has the discretion to establish other committees or groups as required to respond to specific need.


The Taskforce will be serviced by a Secretariat. The Secretariat has been established to support the goals of the Taskforce and provide executive, administrative and implementation support.

The Department of Sport and Recreation acts as host agency to the Taskforce Secretariat.

Year published: 2009


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