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Page updated: 05 April 2012

The Physical Activity Taskforce has ceased operation and this website is no longer updated.

Updated: 05 April 2012

State Agency Weblinks


The following is a list of State agency physical activity websites.

If you have a website related to physical activity and would like to promote it here, please email us.

Active Transport Website

Active Transport Website (external link)

30-Mar-12 09:08

The Active Transport website has been created by the Department of Transport to bring together the Department's cycling and walking activities and behaviour change programs (TravelSmart and Living Smart).

Department for Communities

Department for Communities (external link)

02-May-11 12:07

The Department for Communities builds strong, vibrant communities by supporting and advocating on behalf of children, parents and their families, young people, women, seniors, carers, volunteers and non-government organisations. The department is also responsible for the delivery of programs and services to support and strengthen Western Australia’s diverse communities and provides a number of information and support services.

Department of Education - Physical Activity Portal

Department of Education - Physical Activity Portal (external link)

22-Nov-10 10:10

The Department of Education is responsible for the areas of education, teaching, training and its development as well as development of good policy and procedure in education and training.

Department of Environment and Conservation

Department of Environment and Conservation (external link)

02-May-11 11:58

The department has the lead responsibility for protecting and conserving the State’s environment on behalf of the people of Western Australia. This includes managing the State’s national parks, marine parks, conservation parks, State forests and timber reserves, nature reserves, marine nature reserves and marine management areas. Its key responsibilities include broad roles in conserving biodiversity, and protecting, managing, regulating and assessing many aspects of the use of the State’s natural resources.

Department of Health

Department of Health (external link)

22-Nov-10 10:01

Western Australia’s Department of Health aims to ensure healthier, longer and better lives for all Western Australians by providing quality health care services as well as delivering a sustainable, secure and high quality health care system.

Department of Regional Development & Lands

Department of Regional Development & Lands (external link)

19-Apr-11 16:46

The Regional Development Council is the peak advisory body to the Western Australian Government on regional development issues. The website also provides links to the nine Regional Development Commissions in Western Australia.

Department of Sport & Recreation

Department of Sport & Recreation (external link)

22-Nov-10 10:12

The Department of Sport and Recreation is the lead agency responsible for the implementation of government policy and initiatives in sport and recreation within Western Australia. A key role of the department is to contribute to the healthy lifestyle of Western Australians by increasing physical activity in the community through sport and recreation.

Department of Transport

Department of Transport (external link)

22-Nov-10 10:07

The Department of Transport's (DoT) key focus is on operational transport functions and strategic transport planning and policy across the range of public and commercial transport systems that service Western Australia. The Department of Transport website includes information on active transport, walking, cycling and the Travelsmart program.

Disability Services Commission

Disability Services Commission (external link)

02-May-11 12:58

The Disability Services Commission is the State Government agency responsible for advancing opportunities, community participation and quality of life for people with disabilities. The Commission provides a range of direct services and support and also funds non-government agencies to provide services to people with disabilities, their families and carers.


Healthway (external link)

22-Nov-10 09:57

Healthway seeks to promote and support healthy living in Western Australia, with the aim to reduce and prevent the burden of disease. Healthway provides grants and sponsorships to organisations to promote healthy messages, facilitate healthy environments and advance health promotion programs.

Main Roads WA

Main Roads WA (external link)

13-Jan-11 13:01

Main Roads WA contribute to the development of the State's network of shared paths and the maintenance of Principal Shared Paths (PSPs). These can also link with shared paths that are the responsibility of various local governments. Additionally, we work with other WA agencies like the Department of Transport, to promote the environmental, health and economic benefits of walking and cycling.

Office of Crime Prevention

Office of Crime Prevention (external link)

02-May-11 13:12

The Office of Crime Prevention is the lead government agency striving to make Western Australia a safer place. They host a range of programs and fund various research and crime prevention and reduction initiatives. By building partnerships with business, government and local communities, the Office of Crime Prevention seeks to engage every Western Australian in the fight against crime.

Public Transport Authority

Public Transport Authority (external link)

02-May-11 13:20

PTA is responsible for: Rail, bus and ferry services in the metropolitan area (Transperth); Public transport services in regional centres;Coach and rail passenger services to regional areas (Transwa); and School bus services. In addition, they are responsible for designing, building and maintaining transport infrastructure.

Western Australian Planning Commission

Western Australian Planning Commission (external link)

02-May-11 14:02

The WAPC is the statutory authority with statewide responsibilities for urban, rural and regional land use planning and land development matters. The WAPC responds to the strategic direction of government and is responsible for the strategic planning of the State.