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Page updated: 14 December 2011

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Updated: 14 December 2011

Development Control 2.3 - Public Open Space in Residential Areas Policy

Development Control Policy 2.3

The Document Control 2.3 policy is based around the basic requirement that 10 percent of total land in a conditional subdivision must be given up for public open space free of charge by the subdivider. The document contains policy objectives and their implementation procedures.

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Development Control Policy 2.3

In order to preserve amenity and contribute to the quality of life in urban areas, including country towns, the Western Australian Planning Commission has resolved, as a general policy, to require suitable provision of public open spaces which can be used by people living and/or working in those areas.

The Commissions Document Control 2.3 Public Open Space in Residential Areas Policy is to ensure that the provision of public open space allows for a resonable distribution of land for active and passive recreation in each locality. The Commission accepts that this may be secured by providing larger areas for active recreation and smaller areas for passive recreation within residential cells, but treats each case on its merits.

This policy sets out the requirements of the Commission for public open space and the provision of land for community facilities in residential areas. Requirements for industrial areas are incorporated in the policy on Industrial Subdivision (DC 4.1).

The objectives of the DC 2.3 Public Open Space in Residential Areas Policy are:

  • To ensure that all residential development in the State is complemented by adequate, well-located areas of public open space that will enhance the amenity of the development and provide for the recreational needs of local residents
  • In appropriate cases, to facilitate the provision of land for community facilities such as community centres, libraries and day-care centres in conjunction with land ceded for public open space
  • To protect and conserve the margins of wetlands, water-courses and the foreshores adjacent to residential development.

This document is property of the Government of Western Australia: Department of Planning.

Year published: 2002

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