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Page updated: 03 May 2012

The Physical Activity Taskforce has ceased operation and this website is no longer updated.

Updated: 03 May 2012

Built Environment Advisory Committee

Built Environment Advisory Committee

Established in 2010, the purpose of the Built Environment Advisory Committee (BEAC) was to provide strategic management and coordination for the implementation of the Physical Activity Taskforce Built Environment Strategy.

The aim of the committee was to influence the development of environments that are accessible and conducive to physical activity and healthy lifestyle.


Visit 'The Taskforce and the Built Environment' section of the website for details of the projects and priorities of the Built Environment Advisory Committee.



The committee consisted of representatives from local government, Landcorp, Main Roads WA, the National Heart Foundation, the Planning Institute of Australia, the Urban Development Institute of Australia, the WA Local Government Association and the Departments of: Health; Sport and Recreation; Transport; Planning; and, Education.


Charles Johnson, from the Planning Institute of Australia (WA Branch),  was the chair of the Built Environment Advisory Committee (BEAC).

Terms of Reference

The terms of reference guided the functions of the Built Environment Advisory Committee.


  •  To provide and foster a forum for cross-agency collaboration to bring about a more integrated, coordinated and enhanced response to influence the built environment in Western Australia. 

  • To create more supportive environments for physical activity by addressing community design, policy and transport planning. 

  • To utilise the evidence base from a wide range of sectors to identify the broad range of factors that influence physical activity in the built environment. 

  • To create a shared understanding across sectors of the relationships between key factors in the built environment that influence physical activity.

  • Provide support to the Taskforce as follows:
    • Provide specific expertise and advice to the Taskforce;
    • Act on requests from the Taskforce in relation to specific policies and initiatives relative to the groups’ areas of expertise;
    • Act as advocates for the work of the Taskforce; and
    • Assist the Taskforce in the coordination of physical activity policy and initiatives.

BEAC - Schools Working Group

The Built Environment Advisory Committee (BEAC) Schools Working Group was formed as a sub committee of BEAC to concentrate specifically on the planning and design of school sites. 

Shared use of school facilities was a particular focus of this working group.

The group was chaired by the Department of Education and membership consisted of the: Department of Planning; Department of Sport and Recreation; the Urban Development Institute of Australia; and, the WA Local Government Association.