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Page updated: 14 December 2011

The Physical Activity Taskforce has ceased operation and this website is no longer updated.

Updated: 14 December 2011



The new integrated planning and reporting program gives local governments a framework for establishing local priorities and to link this information to operational functions.

This list represents a range of local government strategies and plans that are part of the framework and that impact directly and indirectly on the active living agenda.  They provide the potential to embed active living principles in local planning processes, policies, plans and programs.

  • Strategic Community Plan
  • Local Planning Schemes and Strategies
  • Local Structure Plans
  • Asset Management Plans
  • Major Infrastructure/Works Strategies
  • Community Safety Strategies
  • Sport and Recreation Plans
  • Early Years Plans
  • Physical Activity Plans
  • Workforce Strategies
  • Health and Wellbeing Strategies
  • Health Impact Assessments
  • TravelSmart Plans
  • Cycle Plans
  • Footpath Strategies
  • Community Development Plans
  • Active Ageing Strategies
  • Youth Strategies
  • Tourism Strategies
  • Disability Access and Inclusion Plans
  • Culture and Arts Strategies
  • Environmental Plans

Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework and Guidelines

Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework and Guidelines

Developed as part of the State Government’s Local Government Reform Program, the Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework and Guidelines provide the basis for improving the practice of strategic planning in local government.