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Page updated: 14 December 2011

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Updated: 14 December 2011

Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework and Guidelines

Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework and Guidelines

Developed as part of the State Government’s Local Government Reform Program, the Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework and Guidelines provide the basis for improving the practice of strategic planning in local government.

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Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework and Guidelines

It addresses the minimum requirements to meet the intent of the Local Government Act and outlines how a local government can produce an integrated plan.

These guidelines are not intended to restrict the planning processes; they simply provide good practice processes that will assist local governments in implementing the Integrated Planning Framework while meeting the outcomes prescribed in the legislation.

The Framework:

  • Recognises that planning for a local government is holistic in nature and driven by the community.
  • Builds organisational and resource capability to meet community need.
  • Optimises success by understanding the integration and interdependencies between the components; and
  • Emphasises performance monitoring so that local governments can adapt and respond to changes in community needs and the business environment.

A successful integrated planning process will deliver the following outcomes:

  • A Strategic Community Plan that clearly links the community’s aspirations with the Council’s vision and long term strategy
  • A Corporate Business Plan that integrates resourcing plans and specific council plans with the Strategic Community Plan, and
  • A clearly stated vision for the future viability of the local government area.

This document is property of the Government of Western Australia: Department of Local Government.