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Page updated: 01 August 2011

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Updated: 01 August 2011

The 12 Attributes of Bikeway Networks

12 Attributes of Bikeway Networks

The following one page document by Paul-Andre Larose, Ph.D. Ontario, Canada, lists the twelve key attributes necessary for a successful bikeway network which encourages and supports the uptake of active transport.

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12 Attributes of Bikeway Networks Adobe PDF 140 kB

As listed in the document, for a bikeway network to be successful it must be:

  1. Functional: Providing corridors linking ”Need To Go” places
  2. Safe: Against moving/parked vehicles for cyclists/pedestrians
  3. Secure: No isolated, unlit or inaccessible areas
  4. Direct: Minimal addition to travel distance
  5. Gap-free: Continuous interconnection of routings
  6. Conflict-free: Intersection designs and protocols
  7. Extensive: City-wide coverage within 0.5 km reach
  8. Unrestricted: Usable at any time, in any season, 24/365
  9. Weather-Immune: Splash avoidance and snow clearance (where applicable)
  10. Integrative: With street, parking, buildings and transit facilities
  11. Beautifying: Adds aesthetic component to urban landscape
  12. Appropriate: Design adapted to local specifics

This document was promoted in the 8-80 Cities enewsletter and further international walking and cycling resources and information are available from the 8-80 Cities website.  

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