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Page updated: 01 August 2011

The Physical Activity Taskforce has ceased operation and this website is no longer updated.

Updated: 01 August 2011

Walkability Audit Tool for Local Governments

Walkability Audit Tool

Developed by the Department of Transport (July 2011) the Walkability Audit Tool is a tool for use by officers of local government authorities, consultants and community groups. The tool assists local governments in identifying issues to improve pedestrian safety, accessibility and amenity and to identify appropriate countermeasures.

Access resource

Walkability Audit Tool Adobe PDF 1.57 MB

The tool also assists with documenting the findings of an audit and developing an action plan for the Council.

The audit tool consists of the following key sections:

Form 1 – General Information and Overall Impression
Form 2 – Pathways
Form 3 – Crossings
Form 4 – Street Furniture and Signage
Form 5 – Personal Safety
Form 6 – Adjacent Traffic
Form 7 – Aesthetics and Amenities

The Walkability Audit Tool is accompanied by an appendix.

Further Information

Further information and support for using the tool is available by contacting:

Jillian Woolmer
A/Senior Project Officer
Department of Transport