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Page updated: 14 December 2011

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Updated: 14 December 2011

Strategic Directions for the Western Australian Sport and Recreation Industry (2011-2015)

Strategic Directions 5 (SD5)

WA’s sport and recreation industry has been guided by three to five-year strategic directions since 1997, giving the industry a framework in which to operate and develop. It has also guided State Government decision-making and funding directions and has been the catalyst for the achievement of a range of industry outcomes.

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Strategic Directions 5 (SD5)

SD5 was the result of wide industry and community consultation and the intent of the Strategic Directions documents is to:

  • Establish a sport and recreation industry vision and strategic direction;
  • Highlight the current and future key issues and challenges facing the industry;
  • Establish a guiding framework within which sport and recreation organisations can develop their own strategic plans and development priorities;
  • Provide advocacy and policy support to achieve a range of industry outcomes;
  • Promote understanding of Government priorities and their relation and impact to sport and recreation; and
  • Establish key partnerships within, and between, government and industry on key issues.

This document is property of the Government of Western Australia: Department of Sport and Recreation.

Year published: 2011

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