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Page updated: 03 June 2011

The Physical Activity Taskforce has ceased operation and this website is no longer updated.

Updated: 03 June 2011

Mentally Healthy WA - Act Belong Commit

Act Belong Commit

Keeping mentally healthy is just as important as staying physically healthy and it’s as easy as A-B-C: Act-Belong-Commit.

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Act Belong Commit

ACT - Be physically, socially and mentally active!
BELONG - Keep up friendships, join in club and community events.
COMMIT - Support a good cause and help others.

Act-Belong-Commit is a community-based health promotion campaign that encourages people to take action to improve their mental health and wellbeing.

This evidence-based campaign was developed primarily from research undertaken by Curtin University into people’s perceptions of mental health and the behaviours they believed protected and promoted good mental health.

The campaign is directed by Mentally Healthy WA at Curtin University, and implemented through health services, local governments, women’s health services and not-for-profit groups.

As the brand name suggests, people can build positive mental health by keeping physically, mentally and socially active (Act); by keeping involved in family and community activities and participating in community events (Belong); and by taking on challenges or causes that provide meaning and purpose in their lives (Commit).

There is substantial evidence that these three domains represent increasing levels of contribution to positive mental health (and in fact, to physical health).

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