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Page updated: 10 February 2012

The Physical Activity Taskforce has ceased operation and this website is no longer updated.

Updated: 10 February 2012



ActiveSmart is a world-first physical activity participation program model based on the internationally recognised strategy used by the TravelSmart program. It uses tailored information, resources and personal contact to motivate and encourage households to participate in physical activity.

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ActiveSmart Adobe PDF 1.25 MB

The ActiveSmart program is built around five key phases, as follows:

  • Phase 1 – Formative research/Pre Survey
  • Phase 2 – Individualised Marketing
  • Phase 3 – Recruitment
  • Phase 4 – Motivational Calls
  • Phase 5 – Evaluation

Further details regarding the ActiveSmart program are provided in the attached PowerPoint presentation and in the below key achievements document.


Key Achievements

The response to the implementation of the ActiveSmart program within the City of Greater Geraldton was extremely positive and targets exceeded with some of the key findings below and outlined in the key achievements document.

  • Over 4000 households received ActiveSmart information packs.
  • 2442 households joined the ‘step counting’ phase of the ActiveSmart program.
  • 89% of the ‘step counting’ participants remain engaged in the program.
  • 61% of the ActiveSmart participants are setting goals and activity plans with friends.
  • 373 participants reported engaging in organised activity/clubs.
  • 689 participants reported that they participated in informal/incidental activity.


Contact Details

For further information about the ActiveSmart program please contact the Department of Sport and Recreation on (08) 9492 9700 or email

ActiveSmart is a project developed by the State Government of Western Australia to increase physical activity levels in the community. This project is funded by the Department of Sport and Recreation and supported by the Department of Transport, City of Greater Geraldton, Physical Activity Taskforce and the Western Australian Sports Federation.

The key achievements document was published by the Department of Sport and Recreation, Perth, Western Australia, February 2012.